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International System for Quality (QIS)



QIS is the international system for quality. QIS is the GQMS specialized for tangible products and materials. QIS international quality system has especially been developed for products in mind. The QIS quality system requires specific set of quality criteria to be matched by companies. Furthermore, product-specific details such as materials, sustainability issues and usability are considered.

GQMS is a rating system on products and services that highlight product specifications or service criteria and performance as dully declared by product manufacturers. GQMS system helps consumers identify superior products and services. GQMS system is rather highly developed, it consists of Concise Quality Statements (CQS) for assigning Product and Service Ratings. The ratings indicate relative product qualities. GQMS also includes  Schemas and Seals to highlight relevant and further qualifications. GQMS also features an Interaction Engine to help capture user insights, feedbacks and to provide further information to consumers. Finally GQMS features a seal with ratings, category information and ID and unlike other seals or systems, it is easily verifiable.

Application Requirements
To apply for GQMS, you need to order the GQMS application kit and follow guidelines. However, before ordering the application kit and guidelines please ensure that your institution meets the following base criteria:

• Your products fully satisfy the national state standards,
• Your products are compatible with international standards,
• The products are economically effective,
• Parameters of quality are stable.
• Your products are documented to ensure sustainable quality,
• Your institution is ready to sign an affidavit which attests that your company has met all of the qualifications to become a QIS quality holder company.

Application Kit
To apply for the QIS Quality Symbol, companies and institutions must order the GQMS application kit and guidelines. The GQMS application kit costs 250 Euros and the kit contents and requirements vary depending on industrial sectors. In the event that your institution is deemed ineligible for the QIS quality mark, application kit fee will not be refunded but you will also not need to pay any further or additional fees. Based on the number of products you apply the QIS Mark, further or yearly fees could be required which is explained in the application kit. 

Application Kit Contents
While the contents of the kit vary based on industry and sectors of the applicant company, the GQMS application kit contains the following base elements: 1. GQMS Generic Registration Form (GRF).  2. GQMS Written Agreement and Postage Instructions (API). 3. GQMS Self-Assessment and Evaluation Guidelines (SEG). 4. GQMS Survey and Feedback Form (SFF). 5. GQMS Application Forms (QIS,GQMS,ICS).

Application Process
Step 1: Implement GQMS:QIS - purchase the GQMS application kit and complete the self-assessment.
Step 2: Apply to be reviewed – complete, sign and send the QIS Quality Mark application forms via post.
Step 3: Wait for Response - an assessor, known as a peer reviewer, will contact you to confirm details.
Step 4: Document Review and Checks - you will submit missing or additional documents if required.
Step 5: Receiving the Award Kit - if you are successful you will receive the QIS Quality Kit which includes the QIS Quality Mark (and/or Quality Symbol and Quality Badges), the QIS Quality Certificate and the GQMS Quality Agreement.

How long will it take?
Getting a GMQS:QIS Quality Mark usually takes around 6 weeks. Companies who are in rush can apply for faster assessment. Please be reminded that the quality award is valid for the whole duration minus the time passed since the beginning of the year i.e. if you apply for a 2 year application in mid July, it will be valid for 1.5 years.

Week 1: Submit GMQS:QIS Application
Week 2: Receive the GQMS Application Kit and Guidelines
Week 3: Fill, Sign and Submit the GQMS:QIS Application Kit
Week 4: Wait for Review, Submit Missing Documents if Any
Week 6: Receive Your QIS Quality Kit

How much will it cost?
The cost of a QIS Quality Mark depends on the number of registered concise quality statements and the application period and duration. The number of concise quality statements determines the quality level and star ratings. The QIS Quality Mark has six quality levels: standard, one star, two stars, three stars, four stars and five stars. QIS Quality Mark could be obtained for one year, two years or three years. In the event that you are deemed ineligible for QIS, your application fee will not be refunded but you will not need to pay further or yearly fees. If your institution is granted the QIS Quality Symbol, you might need to pay additional or yearly fees as explained in the application kit.

Request GQMS Application Kit

QIS:BIO is a process for producers of organic food and other organic agricultural products to identify and differentiate products. Based on the product qualities 6 different BIO Levels can be achieved. Please note that GQMS does not make an on-site inspection for the BIO schema since for the standard level the product must already be certified as "Organic" by the certification bodies accredited within the country of origin of production. LEVEL 0: Standard; • Product is certified as "Organic" by the national state standards. • Product is compatible with international standards. LEVEL 1: BIO 1* ; 1. Natural fertilizers and natural food is used during production. 2. Crop protection chemicals, pesticides or antibiotics are not used during production. 3. The farmland / production facilities has never been effected by radiation. 4. No human sewage sludge fertilizer used in cultivation of plants or feed of animals. LEVEL 2: BIO 2* ; 5. Seeds are natural and not genetically engineered or modified. 6. Livestock is not tethered or isolated and treated respectfully. 7. The farmland has been free from prohibited synthetic chemicals for three of years. LEVEL 3: BIO 3* ; 8. Organic products are separated non-certified products. 9. Detailed written production and sales records are kept. 10. Periodic on-site inspections are held for safety and health of production and workers. LEVEL 4: BIO 4* 11. The packaging of the final product is either organic or food-safe. 12. The production is not preserved using chemicals or synthetic substances. 13. Products have least 95% organic ingredients. LEVEL 5: BIO 5* ; 14. Products are made entirely with certified organic ingredients and methods. 15. Product is defined as "Organic" by majority of the international standards. Order the GQMS Application Kit and Guidelines to Apply.

The QIS:ECO Schema is intended to highlight eco-friendly values of products. QIS:ECO schema helps companies to market green qualities of products through openness of information concerning ecological cleanness of products, and could potentially provide advantages for introduction of products into international markets through the ECO logo usage for marketing. LEVEL 0: Standard; • Product is certified as "Green or Eco-Friendly" by any relevant national state standards if any. • Product is compatible with international standards. • Product is not hazardous and does not create health risks for humans and environment. LEVEL 1: ECO 1* ; 1. Chemical, radioactive or bio-hazardous wastes are neutralized before disposal. 2. Production staff and workers are safe from chemical, radioactive or bio-hazards during production. 3. Byproducts are disposed in an environmentally friendly manner 4. Ecosystem is not harmed during production. LEVEL 2: ECO 2* ; 5. The product was initially designed and realized in an eco-sustainable manner. 6. The product is re-usable. 7. The product uses raw materials efficiently decreasing waste and energy usage. LEVEL 3: ECO 3* ; 8. The product is at least 75% recyclable. 9. Production facilities are eco-friendly. 10. Production staff and workers are thought regarding environment protection. LEVEL 4: ECO 4* ; 11. Renewable energy is used during production. 12. The product is at least 90% recyclable. LEVEL 5: ECO 5* ; 13. The product is biodegradable and compostable. 14. Producers do not harm ecosystems at any time. 15. The product is 100% recyclable. To apply for QIS:ECO order the GQMS Application Kit and Guidelines.

The QIS:ERG Schema has been created to highlight ergonomic products. The QIS:ERG Schema features 6 quality levels from Standard to 5-Stars. LEVEL 0: Standard; • Product is certified as "Ergonomic" if any existing national state standards exists (But not Medical or Orthopedic). • Product is compatible with international standards related to ergonomics. LEVEL 1: ERG 1* ; 1. Product has been designed based on anthropometric data considerations. 2. Product exterior is manufactured with human friendly materials (non-allergic, non-hazardous, non-poisonous) 3. Product is ergonomically designed to decrease musculoskeletal stress disorders. 4. Product is adjustable for the operator, or product is available in different sizes or product is customizable. LEVEL 2: ERG 2* ; 5. Product decrease potential human failures and operational by design. 6. Product packaging is easy to open and user-friendly. 7. Product decreases fatigue of relevant body organs and limbs through ergonomic design. LEVEL 3 : ERG 3* ; 8. Product features resting of relevant body organs and limbs. 9. Product features fail-safe mechanisms to prevent harm. 10. Product does not feature sharp edges or features that could harm humans. LEVEL 4 : ERG 4* ; 11. If the product breaks, it does not create hazardous situations for humans or environment. 12. Product is easily adjustable or highly customizable for users. 13. Product is efficient for mechanical energy usage. LEVEL 5 : ERG 5* ; 14. Products is heavy-duty, strong and durable. 15. Product providers additional performance during operation.